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Store, manage, and preserve digital collections with Vault, a flexible and customizable digital repository and preservation solution designed for libraries, heritage and arts organizations, publishers, researchers, and individuals.

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Vault Features

Format flexibility

Any type of content can be deposited in Vault, from text, images, PDFs, and datasets to complex digital objects like WARCs and AIPs.

Geolocation & Replication

Basic Vault services include storage of a minimum of three (often four) copies of your data in at least two physical locations for long-term preservation assurance. Additional copies can be stored in specific geographic regions, including the U.S., Canada, and Europe.


Fixity audit and repairs verify that your data is unchanged. Fixity actions are run on a recurring basis as part of the basic Vault service. Customizable fixity checking frequency is possible as an additional feature. All fixity reports are downloadable and accessible in the Vault application.

Collection Management

Vault offers collection-level metadata, role profiles, and access controls. Files can easily be moved among collections and replication and geolocation can be configured at the collection level.

Affordable and customizable

Vault offers a low-cost pricing model based on a one-time price per-gigabyte/terabyte for data deposited in the system, with no additional annual storage fees or data egress costs.

Institutions can use Vault to customize a repository or preservation approach that meets their technical requirements, budgets, and preservation goals. Vault features include a wide range of integrations, APIs, access controls, and deposit methods.

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Trusted infrastructure and ecosystem

Vault leverages the existing non-profit infrastructure and open-source tools of Internet Archive for collecting, providing access, and ensuring the preservation of digital collections. It integrates with many of Internet Archive’s widely-used services, such as our Archive-It web archiving service, digitization services, and

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